domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2011

[Tecnología] Aclarando el concepto Cloud computing

Interesante definición de Cloud computing en este artículo de

“Cloud computing is an application-centric operations model.”

Siendo un operations model : “ it centers on delivery of IT capabilities at scale, on demand, typically in a multi-tenant environment.” Con implicaciones tan radicales como ésta: “ It is important to understand that, while new technologies are indeed being developed for cloud, these technologies are being developed to fit the operations model, not the other way around.”

Y cuando se dice application-centric: “What you do bring to the table is code, data, configuration metadata and/or policies that are, in fact, what makes any cloud service valuable to you as an individual or an organization. Your task in consuming a cloud service is to deliver those elements to a service that turns them into functionality that drives business value.”

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